Lost & Grounded Brewery- Bundle Deal (5 Beers)


Bristol based brewery Lost & Grounded certainly get top marks for originality when it comes to naming their beers, but more importantly, they also score highly on the taste charts.

They’re an inventive bunch out west and this bundle deal, will take you on a tour of L&G’s variety of brewing styles. India Pale Lager anyone?

This bundle deal includes 1 x Running with Sceptres, India Pale Lager (5.2% abv, 440ml can) 1 x Saison D’Avon, Belgium Style Ale (6.5% abv – 440ml bottle), 1 x Groove Line, Weissbier (5.2% abv – 440ml can), 1 x Keller Pils, Lager Pils (4.8% abv, 440ml can), 1 x Hop-Hand Fallacy, Farmhouse Ale (4.4% abv, 440ml can).