Jarr Booch Bundle (4 x Drinks)


Not more than 0.5% abv (240ml bottles)

Style: Kombucha

Kombucha is fermented tea in its simplest form, brewed over a period of weeks to produce a refreshing, sparkling soft drink with a kick. Low in sugar, kombucha naturally contains antioxidants that are considered good for your gut. Health benefits aside, ‘booch’ is a tasty, tart sparkling drink for any occasion.

Jarr Kombucha, based in East London’s Hackney Wick, know a thing or two about brewing great tasting kombucha and this bundle deal takes you through their range.

This bundle deal includes 1 x Jarr Original (240ml bottle), 1 x Jarr Ginger (240ml bottle), 1 x Jarr Passion Fruit (240ml bottle) & 1 x Jarr Raspberry (240ml bottle).